Letters to the Editor for Oct. 27, 2016

Here are our Letters to the Editor for Oct. 27, 2016
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Speed limit unsafe
On Oct. 5, 2016, the city council of Chewelah changed the city street of Flowery Trail from 25 to 35 MPH. I believe that the city did not follow the proper required procedures outlined in state law and the WSDOT directives concerning changing the state mandated 25 MPH on all city streets.
Someone needs to take a very hard look at the speed ticket report given to the city council by the Chewelah Police Department (CPD). According to this document, out of the 45 tickets written by the CPD in a one year period from 8-25-15 to 7-31-16, two tickets were given to speeders doing 39 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. The other 43 speeding tickets were given to speeders who were going at least 40 MPH on the 25 MPH city street. Since this street has been changed to 35 MPH, what can we residents of Flowery Trail expect from the CPD? Does that mean that no tickets will be written unless the vehicle is doing at least 50 MPH past our homes and families? During the same time period, was the same criteria applied to all of the Chewelah city streets? I doubt if that will be the case. I hope not.
Since the CPD did not issue any tickets for speeding at less than 40 MPH in the previous 25 MPH zone, would it not seem feasible that the habitual Flowery Trail speeders would have noticed sometime in the past two years or so that no tickets under 40 MPH were issued? These people would have increased their speed to at least 38 MPH thereby raising the 85th percentile used to determine the new 35 MPH speed limit. Sounds a little off to me! 37 of the speeding tickets were written in a three month period from January to March of 2016. The vast majority were at Ehorn Lane and Main – well out of the area of Flowery Trail. Which direction were the speeders going? This was not shown in the report.
It might be a great idea to get someone on the city council’s “public safety committee” who is capable of becoming familiar with the proper procedures required by WSDOT and the RCWs to legally change the mandated 25 MPH state law for cities in Washington.
Enforcement of the speed limit, or the lack thereof, seems to be a major issue here. Until that is accomplished it does not matter what limit is posted. Little tolerance should be given on a city street.
Frank Long and John Trampush
Flowery Trail residents

Write in Ashley Delp
I was approached numerous times by community members, both working for the county and within the county to run for Stevens County Treasurer. I am now a write-in candidate as I accepted the nomination to run for Stevens County Treasurer and filed that candidacy as a Write-In. For timing issues I did not file and run in the primary, as I was currently employed in the Treasurer’s Office. It is a long shot as a write-in, I am honored to be asked by members of the community and I look forward to the opportunity to become the Stevens County Treasurer.
My experience of 7 years in the Treasurer’s Office has proven I am capable of succeeding in the Treasurer position. I know the responsibilities of accounting and safekeeping of the taxpayers dollars, county entities monies, investments and the assistance we provide for the Department of Revenue. I believe the taxpayer comes first and assisting them in a friendly courteous manner is the number one priority. I appreciate the time and support of the Stevens County Citizens. Write-In Ashley Delp for Stevens County Treasurer.
Thank you,
Ashley Delp

What Will You Leave Your Children?
This election for President is not so much about the scandalous life and illegal actions of Clinton or the verbal indiscretions of Trump as it is about where the winner will take this country. Will America move towards the conservative reaffirmation of our Republic guided by the principles of the Constitution and Bill of Rights or will we move towards the Liberal and Progressive interpretation of our constitution as a living document ever changing to meet the politics of the day? One leads to the strengthening of individual freedom envisioned by our forefathers. The other leads to empowerment of the State, globalism and erosion of individual rights.
The next President may have the power to create a 7 -2 Supreme Court skewed in their ideology. The late Justice Scalia’s seat is vacant. Justices Ginsberg is 82 years old, Kennedy is 79, Breyer is 77 and Thomas is 67. Data shows that the average age of a Supreme Court retirement or death is 75. Clinton has indicated her appointments would favor the philosophy of liberal progressive thinking of Ginsberg. Trump has said that his appointments would favor the conservative constitutional thinking of the late Justice Scalia. If Donald Trump is not elected President and cannot make these appointments, it is very likely that you will never see another conservative victory at the Supreme Court in your life time. Please ask yourself which interpretation of our Constitution and rule of law do you want your children and grandchildren to live under? Then Vote.
Respectfully Submitted
Grant Peterson

Trump not the solution
We agree with Mr. Jensen’s well-written opinion that our so-called democracy is really more of an oligarchy: politicians controlled by their need for massive campaign contributions. The solution to this problem is publicly financed elections, not electing a mentally ill bigot and misogynist. We hope Mr. Jensen supported Bernie Sanders, the candidate most focused on solving this problem.
Winston and Susanne Griepp

Vote for Trump
To the Editor
The election is upon us and we will be receiving our ballots soon. A lot of folks say this election is about Clinton versus Trump, or Democrats versus Republicans. I don’t think it is. I believe it is the globalists versus the nationalists. Both major parties are divided between globalists and nationalists currently. In the Democratic primary, the nationalist wing was represented by Sen. Sanders. In the Republican party, the nationalist wing was represented by Mr. Trump and, to a lesser extent, by two or three others. Now in the election Mr. Trump is the champion of the nationalists and Sen. Clinton the globalists.
Basically, the globalists put the interests of the world above those of the United States. They believe in the free passage of people from one country to another for work or other reasons. They also think that international law shouldreign over national law if they are in conflict. Open borders, restrictions on energy production, lots of work visas are some of the things they like. They would like to see the whole world run like Europe is now. There is an obvious short term financial benefit for the rich and multinational corporation with globalism. They can hold down costs and control the work force better. Of course, long term, they run out of customers that can afford to buy their products. But, no matter, they must think they will be dead by then. In a way globalism is a lot like Fascism. Nationalists, or loyal Americans, as I like to call them, believe differently. They believe in trade, but they believe in fair trade. For instance, if something is imported from China it should be made under the same environmental standards that would be required in the U.S. They also believe that it is their country and that in the U.S. the rule of U.S. law should apply and that it should apply evenly to all. They also believe in the right and ability of individuals to make their own decisions without a government overseeing every detail.
If you have been paying attention you may have noticed that the globalists are supported mostly by the very rich, government employees, multinational business, the media and big unions. They have a lot of money that they have used to corrupt politics and buy power and access. All we Americans have is votes. I urge you whether you like Mr. Trump or not, whether you like Republicans or not, To Vote as an American and Vote for Mr. Trump and other nationalists.
Joe Polowski
Deer Park, Wash.

Thanks, Jim
To the editor:
I’d like to thank Jim Jensen for his thought-provoking guest essay last week. Many of us probably agree on the accuracy of his picture of where power resides in our society and how it is deployed. The dependence of our legislators on moneyed interests and our representatives’ subverted loyalties are also no surprise. Housecleaning seems a worthy goal.
History, though, offers us some cautionary examples. I’m thinking of two post-WW I nations, both about as democratic as we are. Germany and Italy, each in deep trouble, swept out the old and gave a couple of upstart Mr. Fix-Its a chance to think outside the box. They soon found themselves with enthusiastic followers and the end of their democracies. The rest is the history of WWII. Revolutions seem to us violent and deadly, but these relatively peaceful regime changes also became bloody disasters and had to be violently undone. All because of who had been swept into power.
So… Not just any peaceful revolt, Jim. Let’s be wary of any Man on Horseback whom we would sweep into office. Things can get much worse. I’m left wondering whether your vote is just against business-as-usual. It does pack a heftier punch than any third-party vote. A better gauge of your real position would be how you vote in our District 5 race for U.S. Representative. One candidate is a grateful multi-million dollar recipient of oligarchy monies, the other beholden only to his legitimate constituency. Let’s hope for the best.
Tom Distler