Kilgore requests second competency hearing

By Jamie Henneman/The Independent Staff

A man who tried to harm a Kettle Falls Inn owner and his family, calling them “terrorists,” wants a second competency exam after Eastern State Hospital doctors found him competent to stand trial.

Brandon Kenneth Leon Kilgore, 28, broke into the Kettle Falls Inn on July 9, calling owner Preet Moudgil a “terrorist” and threatening to kill Moudgil and all his family. Moudgil was able to hold off Kilgore and called 911 while Kilgore tried doors and windows of the attached apartment, trying to get inside. Moudgil’s parents and a three-year old child were home at the time. Kilgore eventually climbed onto the roof and entered through a sliding glass door, holding a knife and shoving Moudgil. Moudgil warned Kilgore that he had a pistol and told him to stop, according to the police report. At that time, Kettle Falls Police Officers arrived at the Inn and took Kilgore into custody.

Kilgore’s defense attorney, Paul Wasson, requested a competency test for Kilgore. Eastern State Hospital Dr. R. Cory Fanto found Kilgore competent, but did determine that Kilgore had “unspecified anxiety disorder.”

Kilgore, an Army veteran, reported having disciplinary issues related to alcohol while in the military and was discharged with an “General Under Honorable” for failing to meet military standards in 2011. He was also prescribed drugs for PTSD in the past and was taking Prazosin, but has not been in a psychiatric hospital, according to the competency report.

Dr. Fanto noted that in 2012 another psychologist, Dr. Travers, found that Kilgore had the capacity to understand court proceedings regarding trespass, DUI and felony harassment charges Kilgore faced in 2012.

Dr. Fanto determined that Kilgore was able to understand the charges and potential consequences of his current charges, understands the trial process, has the ability to participate with an attorney in defense and has the ability to testify in court, if needed.

However, in court documents filed on Sept. 13, Kilgore disagreed with Dr. Fanto’s findings and requested a second competency hearing. A second evaluation with Dr. Clark Ashworth at the cost of $2,500 was approved by Stevens County Superior Court Judge Allen Nielson.