Election 2017: Knauss, Belknap move on to general election

(By Staff Reports/Chewelah Independent)

Two city council races narrow, one school board race slims down…

The race for mayor of Chewelah was narrowed down to two on Tuesday night as both current mayor Dorothy Knauss and candidate Bob Belknap garnered enough votes to move on to the general election in November.

Knauss was the top vote getter, getting 47.7 percent of the vote with 254 votes. Belknap wasn’t far behind with 46.2 percent of the vote which worked out to 246 votes.
Other mayoral candidate David Wantland received 32 votes in the primary election.

Primary elections narrow down races larger than two candidates. The top two vote-getters move on to the general election on Nov. 7.

In the Chewelah City Council race, Nicole Norvell was the top vote-getter in the No. 1 position, earning 242 votes or 51.9 percent of the vote. She will be joined on the ballot by John Kabosky who earned 38.6 percent of the vote which worked out to 180 votes.

The No. 2 Council position saw Cori Wuesthoff earn 56.8 percent of the vote of 269 votes, while incumbent Dee Henderson will also move on to the general election with 26 percent of the vote or 123 votes. Joseph Weant earned 81 votes for the position.

In the Chewelah School District Director Pos. 1 race, Judith Bean earned 55.9 percent of the vote for 669 votes. T.O. Bakken will join her in the general election with 25.6 percent of the vote (307 votes). Bill Lacy earned 221 votes or 18 percent of the vote.

Turnout was low for the election in Stevens County as 28.4 percent of the 30,191 voters cast a ballot. As of Tuesday night, 8,579 ballots had been counted with an estimated 2,000 left to go.

The 2016 primary election saw 39 percent of Stevens County cast votes (11,496). In the 2014 primary election, 40 percent of Stevens County voters cast a ballot.

In the race for state senator in the 7th district, Republican incumbent Shelly Short earned 67 percent of the vote (15,579) while Democratic challenger Karen Hardy earned 32 percent of the vote (7,585). At the state level, the primary determines who will be at the top of the ballot in November.

There was no Democratic challenger for Short in 2016 when she ran for state rep. She earned 18,812 votes in the general election in November.

In the race for state rep in the 7th district, Republican incumbent Jacquelin Maycumber earned 65 percent of the vote (15,211) while democratic challenger Susan Swanson notched 34 percent of the vote (7,849).

Those results are tallied from across the district which includes Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, and parts Okanogan and northern Spokane County.

Short was appointed to the state senate by county commissioners earlier this year after the seat was vacated by Brian Dansel, who left for a spot in the Trump Administration. Short was the state representative, so her seat was vacated and Jacquelin Maycumber was appointed to that open seat by commissioners as well.

In the last general election in 2016, there was a 78.9 percent turnout of voters in the county.

Dorothy Knauss 47.7 percent
254 votes
Bob Belknap 46.2 percent
246 votes
David Wantland 6 percent
32 votes

Nicole Norvell 51.9 percent
242 votes
John Kabosky 38.6 percent
180 votes
Candice Capoeman 9.4 percent
44 votes

Cori Wuesthoff 56.8 percent
269 votes
Dee Henderson 26 percent
123 votes
Joseph Weant 17.1 percent
81 votes

Judith Bean 55.8 percent
669 votes
T.O. Bakken 25.6 percent
307 votes
Bill Lacy 18.4 percent
221 votes