EDITOR’S BLOG: Dr. Fauci and how I learned to love pandemic living

EDITOR’S BLOG: Dr. Fauci and how I learned to love pandemic living

(BRANDON HANSEN/Managing Editor)

With the “Stay at Home” order and everybody trying to figure out how to grapple with this temporary way of quarantine life, I’ve decided to start putting together a blog, talking about the oddities of coronavirus living. From different fashions, to habits, to the cracked dry hands we all have now from washing too much. The only way we’re going to get through this is with a good heavy dose of humor and I am hoping to provide it right here.

MARCH 27: The day of the ever-climbing chart

Before March goes out of style, the number of worldwide cases for the coronavirus has reached over 100K people and the death toll has hit 26,000. Stevens County residents have been under the stay-at-home order since Monday and I’m noticing several things.

-Highway 395 is quite pleasant to cross or drive on when nobody is on the road. Chewelah no longer has that 5 p.m. traffic where turning left is an exercise is futility.
-Everybody is still walking their dogs because if there is something worse than a virus, it’s an over-hyper puppy with a chewing problem.
-The theories have died down from the Stevens County conspiracy theorists. I think after much deliberation they have decided that the coronavirus is not an orc spy.
-People who didn’t hoard toilet paper are now regretting not hoarding toilet paper.
-I’ve seen roughly ever 1980s-era NBA basketball game now.

While The Chewelah Independent and Mailboxes and More store is considered essential personnel, and I go to work everyday, I can’t say enough just how BORING this pandemic seems. You go to work, go home, go to work, go home. There are no sports games on TV, there are no events to go to and you can’t even get a beer at the bar. It’s almost like the virus just wants everybody to pass away from apathy.

So if anyone is looking for something to do, I might recommend trying to annoy the girlfriend or wife… like I did…