Colville robbery suspects take plea deal

(COLIN HAFFNER/Chewelah Independent)

Colville robbery suspects takes plea deal…

The man arrested in conjunction with the Whitty’s armed robbery on May 7 of this year has agreed to a plea deal and sentencing. Jonathan Johnston, who was the primary suspect in the robbery of the Colville gas station, agreed to a plea deal in August to one count of robbery in the first degree, one count of theft in the second degree, and one count of unlawful posession of a firearm in the first degree.

Johnston originally fled south following the robbery and eventually turned himself in in California after a nationwide warrant was issued for his arrest. He was then extradited back to Stevens County. As part of the plea deal, Johnston was sentenced to 144 months in prison on count 1 (robbery in the 1st), 22 months for count 2 (theft in the 2nd), and 102 months on the third count (unlawful posession of a firearm), though he will serve a maximum of 144 months total with his time in prison since May 11 counting toward his sentence.

A second man, Dylan Manke, still faces charges stemming from his alleged role in the robbery as an accomplice to Johnston.