Clayton’s Brickyard Day cancelled because of COVID-19 Pandemic

(PRESS RELEASE/Clayton’s Brickyard Day)

Planning for Clayton’s Brickyard Day 2020 has been cancelled due to uncertainty surrounding public gatherings and the potential risk of infection to those attending the day’s activities.

Jeff Lilly, Chair of the Brickyard Day Organizing Group had this to say regarding the decision: “We understand the importance of Brickyard Day to members of our community. Tradition matters, our past matters, honoring worthy members of our region matters.”

“While no one can know what the future holds, there is a significant chance we will still be in the midst of the current global health crisis even as late as August. We believe people’s health and well-being should take precedence over tradition. With this ideal in mind we regretfully suspend planning for and cancel all activities related to Brickyard Day 2020.”

“We hope everyone stays safe and we look forward to celebrating next year’s Brickyard Day in an atmosphere free of the virus and all of the restrictions that go along with it!”