Chewelah youth in hospital receives call from Harry Styles

(STAFF REPORTS/Chewelah Independent)

A Chewelah youth at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital got a special call on Thursday.

English singer calls and sings to Chewelah youth…

A Chewelah youth got a phone call from English singer Harry Styles on Thursday. The youth, Emma, has an incurable neurological condition and is currently at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital.

Emma is a big Styles fan and had a Harry Styles blanket when he called. Styles sang to Emma during the phone call.

“This is certainly one experience Emma won’t ever forget,” The Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Facebook Page said. “Due to Emma’s incurable neurological condition, her grandparents were more than happy to help with the call and ask questions. We are so happy for you, Emma!”

Emma had previously attended school in Chewelah.