After over two years in planning, licensing and coordination Chewelah’s new community radio station, KCHW, is set to begin broadcasting on Monday March 5 on 102.7 FM. Project lead Scott Schlafman said, “Getting to the point where we will start broadcasting seems like the end of a long-awaited goal, but it truly is just the beginning”!
KCHW plans a wide range of programming and services for the community. Initial broadcasting will be at a lowered power while fundraising continues for the main tower site that will have a foot print broadcasting into four counties. Scott added, “It’s an elaborate system of Dixie cups and string right now so don’t forget we will be streaming live online at for those with limited reception”.
Broadcasting will start on Monday with the yet to be named “Morning Show” featuring News, local events, live studio guests and great music to start the day. Scott said. “We had a huge set back as our FM power amplifier burned up during test broadcasting on February 25 and it will really diminish our immediate coverage area”. He added, “Rather than push back our launch date we’ve decided it was more important to begin broadcasting and to make it a priority to get the word out about the ability to listen at or on a properly equipped cell phone.”
The Radio station is operated by a few volunteer members of the local Northeast Washington Community Radio Guild who will be recruiting and providing training for station volunteer staff with a goal to one day be able to provide local jobs. For now the station studio is located inside Lynn Husby’s Chewelah Floor and Wall in the 3rd St. Mall but will be moving into unit 115 of the mall in April. Don’t forget, listen Monday morning March 5 at 7am to Chewelah’s first morning show broadcast! Listen for the return of Dr. Jazz at 6pm on Tuesday the 6th and on March 7th Janet McLaughlin will join the morning show at 7:30 am to discuss the upcoming theatre productions of JHS and Stagetime. For more details, to hear the On-Air teaser promo, to get involved or to find out about programming visit KCHW.ORG or tune into 102.7 FM.

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