Chewelah City Council holding hearing on 2020 budget

Chewelah City Council holding hearing on 2020 budget

(JARED ARNOLD/Chewelah Independent)

COMMENT ON THE MONEY: City hoping for your feedback on how they’ll spend money…

The Chewelah City Council will hold a public hearing at their Dec. 4 regular meeting to receive public comments on the city’s proposed 2020 budget. By state law, the council is required to approve the annual budget before the end of December. The Wednesday evening meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers at city hall.

The nearly $7 million budget includes spending in the following departments: Electric $1,897,257; Water $945,430; Sewer $1,039,369; Garbage $543,955; Airport $74,369; Streets $791,264; Lodging Tax $11,500; and General Fund $1,616,089.

While the electric, water, sewer and garbage departments collect user fees to fund their operations, the general fund relies primarily on taxes such as property taxes, retail sales taxes and utility taxes to pay for services like law enforcement, fire protection, parks and general management. The general fund expenses break down as follows: General Government/Management $437,781; Law Enforcement $805,425; Fire $82,259; Jail/Dispatch $121,055; Cemeteries $32,448; Environmental/Animal Control $500; Planning $60,685; Social Services $7,247; Museum $5,795; Civic Center $1,475; and Parks $61,419.

Major capital expenses planned for this year include one new police vehicle $50,000; fire department thermal imaging camera $8,000; forklift $50,000; grader $90,000; cemetery niche wall $16,000; and a water utility truck $65,000.

The city will also hold about $2.58 million in reserves and excess fund balances for special purposes and anticipated capital facilities projects.

A copy of the complete budget details are available at city hall, 301 E. Clay Ave., or on the city’s website at Written comments can be made to Mayor Dorothy Knauss, PO Box 258, Chewelah, WA 99109.