Bradley’s TKD raises money for nationals

(By Brandon Hansen/Chewelah Independent)

Jimmy Kirry flies into his break of several boards. (Brandon Hansen photo)

Bradley’s Taekwondo breaks 350 boards in fundraiser for trip to nationals in Baton Rouge…

Usually when it comes to splitting up kindling, an axe is used.

For Bradley’s Taekwondo, they forgo the normal equipment that a logger might use and make do with hands and feet. Breaking boards is a way to test a student’s skills and power, and also a way to raise money for a trip to Taekwondo nationals in Baton Rouge.

Last Saturday several students of the Chewelah-based martial arts studio spent two-and-a-half hours breaking boards. It wasn’t for a test or practice, but rather community members and sponsors had pledged money amounts for the number of boards broken, or a bulk number as a fundraiser for students.

Connor Haines, a second-degree black belt for Bradley’s performed a three-board break and a double board break. He also broke four boards with his hand during the event. His breaks were in preparation for his upcoming third-degree black belt test.

Second-degree black belt Jimmy Kirry also performed a 540-degree kick in preperation for the school’s demo team performance at nationals.

The Takewondo National Tournament that Bradley’s TKD students plan to attend will cost about $800 per student. Parents will have to foot the bill so the school has held fundraisers to help differ some of the costs.

Hosted by Taekwondo United, nationals will be held at the Baton Rouge Marriot Hotel and is open to all ranks and ages.

The tournament will be held on Friday, March 9, and Saturday, March 10, 2018 in Baton Rouge .

“Not only do they get to experience a national competition with hundreds of competitors, they get to see another part of our country and experience cultures outside of Chewelah,” Bradley’s TKD instructor Sandra Bradley said.

The Chewelah students typically train a minimum of six to eight hours every week plus work they do at home.

“They work hard,” Bradley said. “We’ll get these kids to nationals.”

Students are still looking for sponsors and donations for the trip to nationals. Anyone interested in helping can contact the martial arts studio directly at 690-8452.

In the past, Bradley’s TKD students have done very well at nationals, bringing home several medals.

Bradley’s TKD hours are 2-6:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday. They also teach all ages in classes for Taekwondo, Kodudo Weapons and Kenpo Karate.