20th Annual Chewelah Quilt Show will be Roaring

(INDIGO KENNEDY/Chewelah Arts Guild)

The JJSHS gym will be full of quilts this weekend for the Chewelah Quilt Show. (Courtesy photo)

ENJOY A CHEWELAH TRADITION: Show has been a mainstay since 2000, featured many talented quilters…

For the 20th Annual Chewelah Quilt Show presented by the Chewelah Arts Guild, the quilt committee wanted to reminisce about the last 19 years of quilting our little town has showcased. One of the displays will be an array of quilts from the many featured quilters we have shown.

The quilt show started back in 2000 at the Chewelah Museum, and moved after seven years to the Gess Elementary School where there was more room for displays. Committee members had seen featured quilters at quilt shows elsewhere, and with the plethora of local talent thought it would be a good addition to our show. So, the featured quilter display was begun.

Terry Husby was the first featured quilter in 2007. She learned to quilt on a treadle sewing machine using scraps of fabric from family members. She has crafted many award-winning quilts and has quilts in regional museums today.

In 2008, Lorraine Haynes was invited to feature her talent at the quilt show. She has been sewing since she could reach the treadle on the sewing machine. Her mother always said “(Lorraine) could burn up more thread than anybody she ever knew.” Lorraine thinks that explains her love of quilting which started a long time ago!

2009 brought a husband and wife duo Ralph and Joyce Jensen to the quilt show featured area. Ralph specialized in the long arm quilting to complete the quilt tops Joyce made. There are many of their quilts in the Chewelah area today even though they have mostly retired from quilt making.

The Quilt Show moved to Jenkins Jr/Sr High School in 2010, and Jean Hickman stepped up to the challenge of the featured quilter display. “I love quilting, and I love the wonderful people who quilt,” she said. She enjoys being around quilters so much she is a member of several regional guilds including Quilters Too, Wannabees and Cabin Fever Quilt Guild.

Richy Lainson, Jr displayed his quilting skills in 2011. Along with quilting, he would try almost any creative media including garment making, painting, drawing, pottery and woodworking. Richy created the poster artwork for the quilt show for many years. In 2012, the quilt show displayed quilts from Phyllis Fitzgerald. She learned to sew from her mom and 4-H leader. She took her first quilt class from Kathy Simmons in the early 90’s and has been a member of Cabin Fever Quilt Guild since its inception.
2013 brought the quilt show Susan Griffith. She has been sewing since she was 10 years old and has a degree in apparel design. She has been quilting for about 25 years and started her longarm quilting business, Brick House Quilting, in 2004.

For the 15 th Annual Chewelah Quilt Show Darlene Preston displayed her quilts and sewn items. She started her interest in sewing while learning about upholstering from her father as a child and after getting her first sewing machine. She enjoys the generous spirit of quilters; including the many charities we can enrich with a comforting handmade quilt.

Karin Vokaty brought her singular creative vision to the quilt show in 2015. Most of the local quilters can immediately identify a ‘Karin quilt’ by its color and style.

She likes to use crows when she can and often adds embroidery or applique to her chosen designs.

Another local longarm quilter joined the featured quilter display area in 2016 with Kathy Conway. With a long family history of quilting and garment sewing Kathy grew up with stitches and creativity. The first time she rented a longarm to complete a quilt she found it to be ‘love at first stitch!’

The 2017 Quilt Show featured the duo Katrina Smith and Tiffany Aldous. As close friends they love to quilt together at any opportunity. They both love to work with bright colors and learn from the many seasoned quilt artists in our local area.

The Quilt Show Committee decided to feature the abundance of quilt expertise in our area by asking the various Quilt Groups within Steven’s County to display together. We also asked the Modern Quilt Guild and Machine Quilters to join us from Spokane. Quilters loaned us items from Cabin Fever Quilt Guild, Wannabees, Quilters Too and Summit Valley Homemakers. We even had the KISS group from Grand Forks join us! This showcased the large amount of quilting skill and teaching available; we may be small but we are mighty in talent!

You can see our previously featured quilters in Chewelah businesses participating in the may Quilt Walk until May 29. We will also have a special display of past featured quilters at the Quilt show at Jenkins Jr/Sr High School on Memorial Day weekend May 25 th and 26 th . We hope to see you there!