49 Degrees North hosts first-even cross country meet

The first annual Forty-Nine Degrees North Invitational cross-country extravaganza was a sunny success with 12 teams competing and runners traversing verdant highland trails above the fog in the valley. Because of the higher elevation and the steeper inclines, few personal records were set, but everyone enjoyed alpine atmosphere of the event. Click here for the full story.

Sept. 1 Headlines

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CenturyLink to update service in Chewelah


The local telephone and internet provider, CenturyLink, is planning on upgrading equipment this year with hopes of bringing increased internet speeds to customers in the Chewelah area by 2017.

Marketing and Public Relations Manager Kerry Zimmer said the company is working to reduce “congestion” for their internet services. For the full story, click here.


Mining district could reduce regulation

A local man is working on reorganizing the Chewelah Mining District in hopes of reducing burdensome regulations on mining in the area and bring back the industry. A meeting to reorganize the Chewelah Mining District is set for this Friday, Sept. 30 at 1 p.m. at the Hunters Inn in Hunters. Click here for the full story. 



From The Editor: Giving new ideas the thanks they deserve

How does a long run beginning with a mile and a half uphill climb sound to you?

To me it sounds like death. It’s right up there with crossing Highway 395 in the middle of the day in town, getting tackled by Chewelah football player Kaden Mackowiak (who leads the NEA League in tackles that make you feel sorry for the other player) or trying to follow a logging rigging crew down in the brush for a day as an out-of-shape journalist.

But for cross country runners, a mile-and-a-half uphill climb during a meet that’s at a ski resort in the middle of the Colville National Forest? That’s really cool. The majority of today’s cross country meets are relegated to golf courses or city parks. There’s some hills, yes, but none that people ski off of when the snow begins to fly. For the full story, click here.


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